About Us

Silverback have always been at the forefront of manufacturing quality galvanised and aluminium ute trays for all makes and models of cars and the company has been recognised with many awards and achievements in their time. Easily identifiable by their stamped logo on the back of the tray panel, Silverback Ute Trays have become a must have for any work vehicle or off-roader.

With their galvanised and aluminium bodies, the ute tray backs are tough. Heavy duty construction means they don't corrode or show any of the other signs of rot and wear that other ute tray backs can. So much so is their reputation that it seems when driving around Cairns, Townsville, Mackay or indeed anywhere else in Queensland, every Toyota, Nissan, Ford, Holden, Isuzu, and Mazda utility vehicle seems to wear the Silverback badge of honour.

The company took a major step forward in late 2012 when it was purchased and absorbed into the quality engineering and fabrication outfit of North Queensland Engineering & Fabrication who, with more than 20 years experience in all aspects of engineering and steel & alloy fabrication, unravelled big plans to further improve the manufacturing process of Silverback Ute Trays along with tougher quality control procedures and a more robust design philosophy.

North Queensland Engineering & Fabrication also expanded the model range and now has an impressive catalogue of not only all makes and models of utility vehicles but also heavy equipment trucks, tilt trays and more.

Operated under the watchful direction of John Gammie, Silverback Ute Trays is set to leap and bound into the future with more innovations and developments for the entire product range and expansion of manufacture and distribution to other areas. One thing is still certain - if it's not a Silverback Ute Tray, it aint worth havin'.