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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Ute Tray Backs

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I have special requirements for my business. Can I have my tray modified to suit my needs?
Yes, contact us with your vehicle details and special requirements and we will quote you.
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Can I paint my Silverback ute tray?
Yes, but why would you when you can achieve 20 years corrosion resistance without painting
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What is the largest size of sheet that can fit in my tray?
Standard size sheets for most materials will fit into a Single Cab ute tray. Internal space in Single Cab tray is 1800mm wide x 2400mm long. For Dual Cab internal space is 1800mm wide x 1650mm long.
ute tray backs mackay
Can accessories be installed after I buy the tray?
Yes, all accessories use existing mounting points.
ute tray backs mackay
Why is the Silverback latch mechanism better than other latch mechanisms?
Silverback latch mechanism is made from 316 grade stainless steel which is the most corrosion resistant grade of steel available. This results in mechanism that will not "bleed" rust all over side and tail gates. Silverback latches are easier to use than some other types and can be adjusted.
ute tray backs mackay
What are advantages of galvanising over painted steel trays?
Galvanising coating is made from 99% pure zinc. The trays are dip coated into molten zinc, not painted. This ensures coating both inside and out. Also, zinc coating is harder than paint and is chemically bonded to the steel surface. The zinc coating protects the base steel by sacrifising itself in a natural corrosive environment.


silverback ute trays

Silverback ute trays Cairns
We specialise in the manufacture of quality ute trays cairns and ute tray back cairns and also ute trays Townsville and ute tray backs Townsville. We are a company that is owned and operated by North Queensland Engineering & Fabrication (NQEF)

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