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North Queensland Engineering and Fabrication are the proud designers and manufacturers of the innovative range of Silverback garbage compactors.  Custom designed and built to exacting standards, and from only the highest quality materials, the new mini compactor has been manufactured to withstand the harshest of operating conditions in our tough Australian environment. 

The unit has been designed with simplicity of operation at the forefront of mind, and with the safety of the operator, driver, and the general public as a primary priority.  Our unit is packed with safety features and nothing has been spared in the quality of construction with the objective of ensuring long term operating reliability and simplicity of maintenance and repairs when the need arises. 

We have constructed these units with care and dedication with a focus on keeping servicing and maintenance costs to the lowest possible levels whilst maintaining the integrity of minimising wear and tear on the compactor through a carefully designed yet simple servicing regime.

Over 20 years’ experience working in the remotest areas of Cape York, the Gulf Savannah and the Northern Territory has been pivotal in guiding the design and development of the Silverback compactor.  The remoteness of these regions means that it is rarely an easy, quick, or inexpensive proposition to have major repairs carried out to a broken down vehicle or machine.

With our comprehensive manual you will find that we have developed an inventory of spare parts that are quick and easy to replace with even the most basic set of tools.  Further, we have also endeavoured to standardise as many of the replaceable components with standard off the shelf items that can be found in most parts supply outlets such as hydraulic hoses and fittings. 

We recognise that the compactor needs to be out there doing its job for the vast majority of its usable life, and not constantly breaking down and spending its life in the workshop. Therefore, a key feature of our unit, which sets it apart from the rest, is that the vast majority of the operating system is based on simple but effective hydraulics.  We have also ensured that the electronics have been kept to a bare minimum as complicated electronics are usually the first things to go wrong, the hardest systems to understand, and therefore the most difficult and time consuming and costly to repair.  Most Mechanics and Diesel Fitters understand and are able to repair hydraulic systems.

However, complicated circuit board electronics are usually the domain of highly trained auto electric or electronic tradespeople, and our experience tells us that they can be hard to find in remote Australia.  We wanted to ensure that we developed an electronic system that can be understood and repaired by Mechanic’s and Diesel Fitters that have had at least trade training experience in automotive electrics therefore making it an easier proposition for this type of work to be carried out in your workshop or by a nearby service supplier.

We have been developing this design over the last two years with a successful outcome. Following the success with the design we received an order for four units for Roper Gulf Shire Council in the Northern Territory at the end of 2012. Delivery in the first half of 2013. Each unit costs $75,000 making the total Contract price of $300,000.

silverback ute trays

Silverback ute trays Cairns
We specialise in the manufacture of quality ute trays cairns and ute tray back cairns and also ute trays Townsville and ute tray backs Townsville. We are a company that is owned and operated by North Queensland Engineering & Fabrication (NQEF)

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